They've gone wild on me today.

Under the Inventory tab where there are listing improvement suggestions:

This is NOT a candle.


This is not a curtain


This is not a furniture cover


This is not “fabric” – like a yard of fabric:


And no, this is not big enough to be a tablecloth but kuddo’s to getting it in a similar category:


On the back end, the category is correct. And normally when I look at the item as it is seen by others on Amazon, it’s correct.

I so want to say something in the seller forum, but nope…I will vent here.


They’ve gone wild on me today

They certainly have. Ug…

Wrong recategorization issues like this are so annoying. I wonder if affected sellers could compare notes and see if we can’t figure out how the bots parse the titles, so we could write titles that won’t confuse them. They’re obviously latching onto keywords, but the question is why did they pick ‘candles’ from your first example, when they could have just as easily picked doily or fabric as the product type?

BOTS are the worst. :frowning_face:


They sure are, and I have one that happened last September. An office map we offer, very, very popular. They moved it to “media” why? I do not know why, but they do get the extra media closing fee.

We raised our prices as soon as we noticed, just so we could “delight” the Amazon customer.

I do need to circle back and kiss some frogs in Seller Support and see if I get a prince. And this changed back to the right category.


Goodluck, I did some work for a company and a major part of the work was just getting the item in the right category. Pulling teeth comes to mind.


This is a big issue and has been going on for some time now, I think it started when Amazon shifted over to automation, and now bots make these determinations.

What’s really frustrating is that Change a product’s category never seems to work and almost always comes up that the product is in the correct category.

It may have something to do with the Browser Nodes; this is what is stated under the help page:

  1. Enter your product information and include the new category in the Item Type Keyword column.

Some additional info can also be found under Keyword attributes explained and Inventory file templates, style guides, and browse tree guides

My question is why? They don’t trust our category choices when we create the listings, they think their bots know better than humans with real world knowledge of the product; and how is there a need to change so many? Ridiculous waste of our time cleaning up after their bots. A.I. - just because you can doesn’t mean you should. SMH


I gave up a long time ago trying to get Amazon to fix the categories. I am just happy that when Amazon incorrectly “categorizes” my products, they often end up in a 12% category instead of the 15% ones they should be in… :joy:


Where do you see the listing improvement suggestions? I’m trying to check mine but I can’t find it.


Thanks. My dashboard is blank.


You know it…


it is actually called Listing Quality Dashboard on my browser.

That must be a good thing. Mine is a bunch of nonsense.


I’ve been trying to fix these missing description suppressions for months, the description is there, the bot can’t read.

Reduce returns (20) ??? None of the items on this page have EVER had returns.

Sick of stupid bots.


Well that feels evil. :unamused:

This is what I don’t understand. How does offering this malfunctioning and unreliable tool actually save Amazon any money? Unless it prolongs an item being in a higher-fee category, but then there’s also…


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Sick of stupid bots.


We could ask this about the bots too, changing product types and categories, suppressing pages for information that is not really missing. How much seller support involvement does it take to fix all the bad results. It has to be more than the whole effort is worth.

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I ran into a problem a year ago maybe? Where they were suppressing a bunch of listings. Information was there when I looked in Edit inventory but it wasn’t rendering on the product detail page. It required resetting the listing in the back end.
I wonder if @Sundance still has his links to the threads he shared that helped me get them to fix that.


Calling catalogue support is on my to-do list, there are so many that it will take a big chunk of time. And I run into the registered brand - you don’t have permission BS when the brands really are not registered and I have to argue that. Just thinking about it is exhausting. One of these days I will get mad enough to tackle it. Meanwhile I’m putting them up on eBay and maybe they’ll just sell there and save me the trouble.

And I did not onboard to the NSFE so I have to follow links to the threads without signing in. I did look up a few recently that Oneida posted for me and learned that if I tried to go back a page I got the sign up screen.

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If it was intentional, it might be because maps and atlases are included in the books category, At least that would be logical if not correct.

Maps are a sore point with me anyway since they are removing National Geographic Maps as IP violations. I still have many listings which are on vacation, and am constantly getting notifications.

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Catalog support?

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