This ain’t "SEAmod" anymore

Side note, this ain’t Susan anymore: read first Amazon reply

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:flushed: That reply is BONKERS. And Sellers are rightfully calling it and “SEAmod” out.


NSFE OP full text
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92 :-1:


But the OP is also out of their mind if they think that all their “research” will convince Amazon to take action.

Susan simply shouldn’t have responded.


Real Susan would simply have focused on this part:

And possibly suggested that the Seller open a Buyer abuse case with Seller Support, documenting the repeated orders and refunds…or even offered to follow up herself. Or reminded the Seller that if FBM they can cancel these orders, etc. Something concrete and actionable.


Oh the one hand I agree … on the other it does actually state Amazon’s point of view of being buyer-centric. The question is why would she go there?

I started to email her and see if anything has changed … but decided not to this time.

I looked at other posts on her profile … which I think do seem to be her ( well, the new version the fits the NSFE anyway). But have to admit a couple are questionable!



Now this one seems odd … because there’s no tag for Glenn in the OP.




I like this post

The second post is correct

Both of the above posts are something every member here would have responded with, and would have been flagged off the face of the forum for.


I think that Susan uses the SEAmod account sometimes.

I do not think that every SEAmod post is Susan.

@UserID’s example does not seem to be Susan, to me.

She would have offered something other than just snark and ignoring the issue, IMO.


Wondering if SEAmod has now been turned into a bot?
Definitely unusual responses.

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The day before (i.e., on 22Nov`23) you posted this yesterday, I noticed this new development on every NSFE Profile’s Posting History I checked (including SEAmod’s) described here:

May I ask if you are currently experiencing the same phenomenon?

Late to the party and just read the original post. Appalled but not surprised. :frowning_face:

I saw that on a profile I checked recently (two, three days ago maybe) – the posting history all wrong.

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I see nothing wrong with my posting history, but I do with others.

September 6, 2023 … KJ_Amazon opened a case with us to discuss Why is Amazon editing all my posts from Months ago?.

At that time, Amazon was editing posts from OSFE which then was showing as a double with NSFE handles. This seemed to be a beta tester issue. Not sure what Amazon was attempting to do but, after we and others provided info, the NSFE profile posts that were showing up on the OSFE profile were removed along with the double postings that Amazon had been creating as edits. We assumed at the time that this was Amazon’s attempt to clean up the data from the data merge from OSFE to NSFE where there were beta crossover (duplicate) data in their system(s).

It wouldn’t surprise us if this current issue with profiles and what is showing as their posts is another attempt to clean up data (which then has created this current issue). Since beta tester data has been cleaned up, it might be the group of forum members (who selected to start new and have a new profile and an old profile) that are now experiencing something like the beta tester group did. The parameters around those two groups would be similar when it comes to how Amazon was handling their data.

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I suspect ol’ Billy O’Ockham would agree, as the available evidence would seem to suggest that your thesis would probably satisfy his long-famed Razor, re: the most-likely explanation proving true much more often than not.


So I questioned a SEAmod post …



So I believe it’s her … maybe.

That’s Susan!

Sounds like she is in honest mode now and doesn’t care what others think, kinda like me!


I believe shes been “Assimilated” … by the borg!

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All Things Change, Save The Truth.

The Truth here is that neutering Susan H.’ role in administering the Global Fora continues to pay unexpected "dividends’ (perhaps better-described as deficits).


So is she saying she was being extra kind and helpful during the Discourse KTLO years but not now? :thinking::confused:

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I took it she was just showing it was really her by her comments and saying that things were rough for her before, which they really were after DarrenK in the KTLO era.

  • No funds to speak of. Evidenced in the lack of mods
  • The need to use several posters in the US to help by giving them Leader status
  • She was head of all ASF’s and had to deal with all issues whether US, UK, or wherever
  • The forum abuse by some posters to the extent of which we will likely never know

Compare that to the NSFE, where she has far less of a role to play in management. She is now able to just respond and contribute.

The (hopeful) comment about “steadily working to win trust” is her eternal optimism. She is the one and only Amazon employee that I could say truly cares about the ASF’s and was content to stay within the ranks instead of working her way to another position.

The only good thing I can say about the NSFE at this point - I guess you could say that the NSFE is lacking some of the “contention” (being polite) of the OSFE.

ETA - AND (a good thing) that SEAmod is still around … even though she is extremely limited in what she can do.