Unit Count - Suppressed Glimmer of hope.

We have all seen this issue for many years and many many things tried.
So “ITEM FORM” seems to be a key element.

I’ve had 80+ types of false nails suppressed for probably years.
I attempted one more time to make cases and I received 1 reply that I thought was super odd.

Please find the below list of valid Item_Form values and Unit_Count_Type values for your ASINs in your file.

  • Product Type: SKIN_MOISTURIZER
    Item Form: Lotion > Fl Oz

  • Product Type: SHAMPOO
    Item Form: Liquid > Fl Oz

  • Product Type: MASCARA
    Item Form: Liquid > Fl Oz
    Item Form: Cream > Ounce / Fl Oz
    Item Form: Gel > Ounce / Fl Oz

  • Product Type: HAIR_STYLING_AGENT
    Item Form: Lotion > Fl Oz
    Item Form: Clay > Ounce
    Item Form: Powder > Ounce

  • Product Type: FALSE_NAIL **
    Item Form: Gel > Fl Oz

    Item Form: Powder > Ounce

It’s a box of plastic nail tips. Some boxes contain 28, 30,36 tips. So crazy me figured “28 count”, “30 count”, etc is the proper option and it never worked. SILLY ME USING LOGIC! :woozy_face:

So lets just try changing the “plastic nail tips” to “GEL” & 1 Fl Oz.
It took and is now not search suppressed.

So it appears you need the complete COMBO to break the suppression, but which combo is not always crystal clear

  • Product Type
  • Item Form
  • Unit Count
  • Unit Count Type

It’s nice that Amazon wants this information filled in, but what’s the point of entering BAD DATA. Why is GEL & POWDER the only options for False Nails when they don’t contain either.

So for now the suppression is gone, not that the system won;t kick them back out in 24hrs…we’ll see.

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A vast abundance of the available evidence strongly suggests that the ongoing PT [“Product Types and Attributes”] Initiative has found itself at loggerheads with the earlier-deployed Listing Quality, Search Conformity, & Brand Integrity Initiatives, inter alia, right from the get-go - and that now, more than three years after it first was launched (ca. Q3 2019), Amazon is still struggling, in Sisyphean fashion, with the unintended consequences inherent in its warm embrace of the Silo Management Model of Bureaucratic Administration…

Further evidence suggests that Amazon, unsatisfied with that result, rather than clarifying the muddy waters of its Global Catalog’s Browse Tree infrastructure, chose to subsequently compound the problem farther-still with the Attribute Harmonization Initiative AND the Size Normalization Initiative.