Want to do something nice for your Amazon delivery driver? Amazon has created a tipping fund


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Yep! Saw this and forgot to post, good call


So that’s why I saw an Amazon driver yelling “alexa thank my driver” through someone’s window.

Ok … so we tried it … on the computer … the search thing

Last delivery 12/11 by UPS
Last Amazon delivery 12/8 by Amazon driver

It is simple … did the search … click the box at the top with the Thank my Amazon driver …

But the page refreshed with Thank you for thanking your driver of 12/11 delivery … we will let them know

Amazon coding at it’s best … they are going to thank the UPS driver of 12/11 delivery? … not our last Amazon driver of 12/8???

fa la la la la … la la la la

Just thought of something …
You know those ice cream trucks that drive around blasting music?
We need to find one and have them drive around the neighborhood blasting

Alexa, thank my driver!


Though I appreciate our contract (TBA) Amazon drivers, and give them good feedback when they do the right thing 15% of the time, I do give them bad feedback 85% of the time.

Now thank you @selg for bringing this up, our UPS driver likes to take his family to the lakes region in our state. They have a large, very large, largest that I know of entertainment center. Pinball, games, etc., etc., a lot of fun for his family.

Note to self, order a gift card for him to arrive in time.

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I would just give him cash.

Gift cards are the biggest scam in the world. Spend $1 to get $1 that’s locked to being spent in 1 place.

The moment Amazon drivers stop blocking my driveway OR throwing every single one of our packages up the steps, they will get a tip.

I should have taken a picture of the box I got from Amazon yesterday. Smashed / ripped open on both sides. This was picked less than 15 miles from here, put in the van and delivered a few hours later. You need to really work hard to do this much damage in your own van, in 4 hours.


No problem. People need to understand these tips are coming from Amazon’s funds, not those of the customers. Alexa is NOT needed to participate.

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Are we the only nation in the world with a tipping culture? In my travels, when I tip, people are, indeed, thankful but often confused - think mostly Americans that tip the world over - which is one of the reasons why people like us for tourism (if but not for anything else). In Egypt, they straight up ask at the end of a tour. In Italy, they did not.

Interesting stuff.


If you get all your neighbors to file similar complaints, it might get your driver fired as their problem rate will get too high.

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Except we get a different driver every time …
That’s why we rate everyone of them.

I’m not looking to get anyone fired but also not rewarding poor work either.

I realize that’s a really crappy job and they aren’t treated well by Amazon like us sellers but if that was my job, I would do the best that I could and treat peoples stuff, they paid good money for with respect.

It’s possible to do a crappy job well, and when you do that, you get rewarded. That’s how I went from cleaning toilets and helping customers in a vitamin store to the VP of merchandising and marketing, with 3 departments and 25 people under me at a division of a $4B company in 5 years.

I’m a dying breed I guess and look what all of that got me now… :rofl: A nightmare!


I wonder what percentage of gift cards and refunds given as debit cards do not get redeemed?

I recently had a refund from Verizon sent to me as a prepaid debit card. Could not get it to work anywhere! I finally called the never heard of before “bank” that issued it and told them to send me a check, which they did.

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I would agree with your statement.

However, this place is the most favorite place for his family, especially his children.


Fun Spot NH

Largest Arcade In The World!

I have no affiliation with the company, except that I did meet the owner at a local brewery in our town. He gave me a card, that was his card, but a gift card too.

I handed it to our UPS driver, it was as if it was the Golden Ticket, think Willy Wonka.

He rolls his camper into a nearby campground and they spend the week, several times in the summer in Laconia.

Except Fathers Day, since another type of event goes on that weekend.

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My amazon delivery drivers are not typically that great, but I will take $5 from Jeff to give to one of them any day of the week!


Jeff should just be doing this on his own and not make his customers, that are struggling to buy groceries these days, get guilted into tipping his underpaid / overworked delivery people.

Maybe a few less rockets and mansions and more $ for the associates who help him live the way he does.

Not knocking him or his success. He did build this thing but come on now.

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but the tip doesn’t come from me or you, it’s from amazon to the drivers. We’re just pushing jeff’s money around.


He actually is giving it on his own, he’s giving $10 million just letting customers distribute it.


My bad… I knew that. I need more sleep

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