Well, I was probably TOO helpful today

Had an Amazon customer place three larger orders in one day, so I consolidated and did the Amazon buy shipping.

She’s a repeat customer…(but not anymore after today and ya know, I’m fine with that.)

Sent off her $200 in value Prioirity Mail envelope…and I get “I didn’t get it”

Told her to do the normal things…

She said she did but she didn’t receive the package.

I basically said that I can’t do anything for her and that she needs to file an item not received claim. Told her before that the process is all automated and handled by Amazon and I have nothing to do with that.

But she messaged me again…each time getting more and more demanding…and I’d answer “Do an INR Claim”

I should have used the no-response required after my FIRST reply, but she’s a repeat customer so I thought I was helping…NOT!

I finally stopped, did some internet sleuthing and called her local post office. Google maps showed me she lives in a mobile home part WITH NO MAILBOXES. So I thought call the office maybe they have it. But no one answered. So I called the post office. The park has cluster boxes. Well, my package would not fit in a cluster box. Postlady said well they get a key for a parcel box then. GPS confirms the location was accurate.

So I let the customer know all this to include phone numbers. She freaked out and sent me this. Laugh with me…I’m so scared of her brother who is a state trooper in PA…she doesn’t understand at all. Thankfully, I FINALLY came to my senses and found the report button for the message and then the no response necessary button.

The longer I live, Iris, the more I’m reminded of a hoary platitude hammered home by my elders in my mis-begotten youth:

“No Good Deed…”



“my credits need to be refunded”

Oh my

Progress forward lady.

She most likely knows about the INR process, and has been denied in the past, hence why she is pushing back.


You shipped all 3 orders together is that correct?

How did you handle the tracking info in Seller Central?

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I never get involved with post offices or any of that for INR.

First message is the standard INR template.

Second message is something along the lines of “We understand that you did not receive your order and would like a refund. Amazon has a specific process for requesting refunds which we have laid out in our previous message. To request a refund for a missing order, you will need to open an AtoZ claim. We do not have the ability to circumvent Amazon’s rules or procedures on this matter. We apologize for the inconvenience and you can suck it.”

There is no third message.

I do this once or twice a year, but the way I handle it is to just copy the tracking and confirm the other orders with the same tracking.


I’ve never done it, I’ve read many posts where this should not be done in case the customer claims INR.

As long as the one tracking number for all three orders is valid under SS, then there technically shouldn’t be an issue.

eBay gives you the option and does it for you which is nice, but wondering how this would affect the OP and the claim, and maybe the customer knows that… :thinking:

It’s one of several reasons I don’t do this often. When I do, there are other considerations that make it worthwhile. In general, I wouldn’t recommend it either, but @doilyboutique444 mentioned it was a repeat customer so maybe they thought it was worth the risk.
I have never had an INR for an order I shipped this way so I have no first hand experience of how an AtoZ claim would resolve.

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Once I buy shipping for the “most expensive” order out of the ones that can be combined, I manually confirm shipping in the other orders.

Never been a problem – but this will be the first INR test with Amazon.

Since she was a repeat customer, I stuck with the no big deal approach. ALL the other orders made it to her (5 before these 3). This one was the largest and too big or thick actually to make it actually fit into her cluster box.


If the order shows delivered today it could still show up tomorrow, I’ve had this happen numerous times.

Let us know how things progress.


We had a customer in Mexico that did this. They ordered a few small orders, over a month or so, then they placed an order for quite a few products. As I recall it was $500 or so.

This was on our own website, so they contacted us and indicated they did not get it. Demanded a full refund, did a chargeback, we showed a sig-con, they reopened the chargeback and won.

We stopped that same day selling in Mexico, where our products are actually popular.


Having experienced a smattering of y’all’s work IRL, I do not believe that I’m going too far out on an unsupported limb to opine that Sheer Artistry like yours will always be popular, no matter where one lives, or what the cultural norms which prevail there dictate.

Sad it is that so many of us 'pon this mortal coil seem determined to place a scrambling for the Main Chance above an appreciation for the Finer Things of Life in our all-too brief sojourn here.


We decided years ago when we first started online to only sell and ship in the US and the only orders going outside of the US were to APO / FPO addresses.

It’s made for a relatively stress free life.


Really nailed it

Nailed it!


I hope it works out. I don’t trust Support or the INR bot process to recognize that I combined orders, if the customer files a claim against one of the manually-entered ones. So I just don’t bother combining anymore. If they order separately, that’s how I ship. PITA, expensive, but less hassle when they claim INR.


I will wait and see how this works out and then decide.

Not combining…with small profit margins…and it doesn’t happen THAT often that I need to our should combine…

These three separate orders would have meant three priority over 16 ounce packages. So I combined them into one for 3 lbs… Normally, it means combining two 4 ounce packages. But not this time.

I will come back and update. I should knock on wood…'cause you made me go look.

I have a total of 10 chargeback claims since this account was opened — remember the great migration? So since 2015. All of those added up are less than $200 total… Whew! NONE of them were my fault nor was I responsible, Amazon says they successfully defended the charge back.

Now…A-Z are more, but they’ve been greatly reduced since I moved over the Amazon Shipping and I think only 1 affected my metrics. But still about 5 a year.


This person may not know about chargebacks considering they didn’t threaten with them.

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@doilyboutique444 could remind them! But I wouldn’t recommend it… :joy:

She does.

All of her requests were “credit my card” requests, and my answer was “file an INR with Amazon”…

Until the last response to her which was too helpful


There are 2 sides to every story. It’s a mobile home park. Mail man could have easily put the package key in the wrong mail box, and another occupant got the package.

If you had done what you did to ME, calling my “land lord’s office” and such, I’d have been exceptionally pissed as well, especially when I really didn’t get my package.

Once people are pissed off…they say all kind of ■■■■.
On the other hand of course, she should have simply followed instructions and went through Amazon for a refund. I’d assume Amazon wont refund her anymore due to frequent lost packages claims…possibly, anyways. That may STILL not even be her fault though.

I hear ya…so let me BUT this.

I told her three times if not more to file an INR claim.

Now – I have three A-Z’s to defend. They just all came through.

Google told me there are NO MAIL BOXES. So many times if it’s an apartment complex, the mail is given to the “front office” to hold or something. I’ve found packages that way – by leaning forward and digging to assist. Both with apartments and mobile home offices.

Off to defend and see what I have to do for the A-Z’s.