Well... that's annoying

So, a while back I discussed how I was having amazing sales on a product and then one day, they just went away. We went from racing to keep this product in stock to doing far less orders in a month than what we were doing in a day. The ASIN was featured, it was great.

We tried to figure out if we were penalized, and our SAS couldn’t see anything wrong. Then a campaign manager noticed it got moved automatically to the wrong category, killing the listing. Even after changing back, we can’t make up the plummet of sales rank.

Now, a couple weeks back, I was trying to figure out why a variant size was consistent the past 12 months – save for the temporary restriction – while the other 3 variants were all doing 1/2 to 1/3rd what they were 6 months back and further. They all fell off, and my only assumption was that the variant still selling, “king”, was just a popular size at the moment. (or maybe I am still not bounced from a restriction that took a few days to get back)

But then I did the Create Discount today and included the entire family. And that’s when the truth came out, 3 of the variants have been moved (by Amazon) to wrong categories, while the consistent variant is in the correct category.

I had to re-instate these ASINs only some time ago, so of course everything was correct at time of re-instatement.

Why does Amazon keep doing this? It seems like risky automation.

Trying to decide whether to put in a ticket, or do a full update upload.


Because they suck and never learn.

Sorry that you continue to fall victim to their bull ■■■■.


In my estimation (“AFAIC” in the currently-popular parlance, “mo’s” the pity), because this IS a significant factor in the calculation:


Steve beat me to the punch, rather more emphatically:

I would nominate that sentence for the current front-runner position in the annual “Best Post Of The Year” Sweepstakes.


and, salt on the wound…

My highest volume family, just noticed they removed all the bullet features for two of the three variants.

Let me fix that too… sigh


weird. My bullet points all still exist when looking at the Edit section, they just have been removed from being live. Looks like a full update upload fix required.


Several of us have had this at various points. You should be able to see them in Performance > Account Health. Scroll and there’s a big red (!) next to the number of listings that have had bullets removed. Sadly, they don’t really make it clear WHY, naturally. I have 1 right now that won’t fix no matter what I do. I’ve had up to 60. Never figured out the reason, just uploaded new bullet points and it fixed itself.


I downloaded my catalog again the other day and noticed several items with the wrong file upload category…and haven’t taken the time to try to fix them AGAIN.

It stinks particularly when the Amazon customer service person says “the browse tree is correct so what’s the issue?” And I’m like but you stuck it in artificial pants for the category to fill in fields and it belongs in table runners.

I figure once a year, I will tackle this issue and last year it was June.


I’m not seeing that in my Account Health. hmmm

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Amazon kicked out one of my books and said I needed to apply for permission to sell, so I did. Boom…show us your invoices for “Phillips” (large manufacturer of electronics).

My item is an auction catalogue from Phillips, dePury & Luxembourg. I tried to put through a correction, but it probably won’t work.

Oops, another one: I was missing the COLOR of a book. On closer examination, the word apparel was appended to the title. Let’s see if that can get fixed.

Probably not: *You are not authorized to fix this issue. A contribution from the brand owner or an authorized reseller is required to resolve this issue and activate the ASIN. If you are the brand owner or an authorized reseller for this brand, please apply for the appropriate role for this brand in Amazon Brand Registry.

I give up.