What are you most common INR addresses?


We find that 9 out of 10 INR are Apartment addresses.
the 10th is usually Brooklyn.

And an Apartment in Brooklyn…well lets just say it’s hard to deliver there…i guess.


Same and also neighborhoods with cluster boxes.


Probably more than half of my INR inquiries are for apartments. 2nd biggest winner is rural houses with more than 1 house on lot or nearby on shared driveway.

I love FedEx taking pictures of delivery. I had an INR inquiry and the customer said that wasn’t their house. They confirmed the address was correct. The FedEx photo matched the Google street view photo - including the same bench on the porch. Never heard back from customer.

blurred Proof of Delivery 3



Some of our items are to large to fit in a box, they often get put in the big container, and the key is left in the mailbox. Sometimes we can cyber snoop them and have a photo of the lock boxes.

We are in a temporary apartment. Packages at the mailroom and clubhouse are a hot mess. At least with TBA, I can demand they deliver to the lobby in the apartment building.

I give them heck when they don’t, and praise them when they do.

For FBM sellers, we are kind, as we know what it is like on our end.


I recently had 2 INRs in 2 days last week (using Buy Shipping). I am FBM and use USPS (always).

One of the tracking numbers said “Delivered to Agent for Final Delivery” NEWARK, DE 19711.

The customer had no idea what that meant. So they asked the PO and they also had no idea. I told them to file a claim which they did. Amazon paid for and granted both claims in my favor. I don’t get a lot of INRs so 2 in 2 days was unusual for me!

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Just had an INR claim on Ebay. I do not get INRs but I see several current shipments they lot like trouble.

USPS Status is waiting for delivery scan.

Buyer says Postal Vehicle had it’s windshield smashed and all packages were stolen.

I believe him.

He does not want me to refund him.

He is in Portland Oregon, and believes the problem is he is in Portland Oregon.

He is moving to West Virginia next month because this is the current state of Portland Oregon.

I am probably going to refund the order, but I know that this purchase will be trashed because no thief could possibly fence it.

We had an interesting and pleasant message exchange over the next few hours.


I remember this was a thing last year:


I was told by a USPS rep that this happens when it’s a delivery to a freight forwarder. The PO will not deliver them and make someone come and pick up packages because there are too many. This was a FL PO, but I’ve seen lots of DE freight forwarding address now becoming popular.

We also see it on many universities & college campuses. I guess they get it in bulk an distribute themselves.


Well whatever it was, she ordered it again after getting her refund. I mentioned that she might want to try a different address when she places the new order, but nope.

So we will see if she gets this one. Its a brand new order (not a replacement) so Amazon should cover it again if it is INR.

We recently had a INR claim going to an apartment. Two days after delivery, the customer emailed saying he/she saw it showed delivered but never got it. We referred to A to Z claim as we always use Amazon Buy Shipping. On the very day that Amazon approved the claim and charged to us (which we then appealed and won), the customer placed another order going to the exact same address. We noticed that the customized info for the item changed a little for the second order. We figure the customer decided on different wording and claimed INR on first order so he/she could reorder with different customized info. The second order has been delivered and, so far, everything seems fine.

We agree that a lot of INR claims involve apartment addresses and cluster box addresses in normally medium to larger cities. We do not experience issues with rural addresses.

We remember it coming up as an issue in mid 2020 during COVID.

It really depends on the university or college and whether the package is addressed to someone employed by the university/college or if it is sent to a student.

I worked on a university campus for many years and my last department received a ton of packages every day. Almost all were correctly addressed and given to the person who requested the item. Shipments were received by UPS, Fedex and USPS. Large items were received by freight. UPS and Fedex delivered directly to the building. USPS mail and packages went to a central mail location and were sorted there.

All packages going to departments are supposed to have the recipient’s name, department, building name, and room number but not everyone who places orders understands that the sender needs all this information in order to get the package to the destination. For a long time, that was the only information needed on a package. A few years ago, the university assigned street addresses to each building. This was mainly to help freight deliverers locate the building with a GPS. Entering a campus building name in a GPS would confuse the poor gadget but entering a street address would return the correct location.

Students living in the dormitories don’t always provide their room numbers when ordering. Some just enter “XYZ” dormitory and no room number. Never mind that there are 500 other students living in the same dorm, some may have similar names, or the package was ordered under a nickname or just a first name. Without a room number, the front desk has no idea who the package belongs to.

Almost all packages got to their correct destination but there were always a few “mystery” packages trying to find a home.


When people are honest with us, and make a mistake, our want to change something we will do it at no charge. All they have to do is call or message us. Our margins are high enough to do this.

However, what they did to you was very slimy.


We handle the honest ones the exact same way.


The key to being able to offer great customer service. But for some sellers great margins will not come with other than poor customer service, And for many, their business cannot survive on their margins with or without good customer service.

Scammers get no freebies from me. I fight every suspected INR/Incorrect item sent and supposedly not received. If it appears legit I just refund and move on and some are questionable. But the ones that I know are scamming I do not want them to come back for more freebies.


I hope your scammer detection is perfect. Imperfect scammer detectors cost you business, reputation, time and money.

As close to perfect that I am, I still make some mistakes.


It will never happen…amazon does not provide enough info to detect every scammer unfortunately and also unfortunately some honest buyers may get caught in the process also. Just one of those damned if you do damned if you don’t situations that amazon feels a need to put it’s sellers in.

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not an address but an obvious drop shipper.

The name on the account does not match the name being shipped to, and when they communicate with you it is clear they are a non native english speaker and use phrases common in Asian speakers.

The min they item is scanned as delivered they are e-mailing to say they did not get it.

We have found Amazon fulfillment centers are our biggest INR problem.