What is the most effective way to report a listing hijacker of my brand to Amazon?


I’m a private label seller. I created a listing to sell product A which is my brand. It’s brand registered with Amazon and USPTO. It has my brand logo stamped on every product piece. I’ve been selling this product on FBA for over 5 years. Yesterday I noticed that there was a new seller offered to sell this product on my listing. I sent a message to him warning him that this is my branded product and I never wholesale it or authorize anyone to sell. He’s selling a counterfeit item and I would report to Amazon if he doesn’t withdraw his offer within 24 hours.

Frankly I’ve never had to report any hijackers to Amazon because my 24 hour threat always work. The hijackers always retreat. However this one didn’t. His offer is still there. What’s the best way to report him to Amazon without effecting the product/listing? I’m afraid that once report, the listing could get tied up and become unavailable making even a bigger mess.

So far I don’t believe he has many sales because his offer price is $69 which is about double of my offer price. However I’ve been out of stock for over a month. I’m afraid that if I don’t do anything, he could get more comfortable and do more harm. This seller is new (based on info from Amazon).

Please advise.


Do a test buy. When you get the item, take photos of the box before opening and when opened showing the item. Then return the item as item not as described. Do not leave feedback for this seller.

Then use the Report a Violation tool to find the offender and report the test buy. Mention that you are the brand owner and do not sell wholesale.

You can try using the tool and report without a test buy, but you may not get the results you want. If Amazon doesn’t help with the test buy reporting, then you might need to get your IP lawyer involved to send notices to the offender and/or Amazon legal.


Thank you for the reply. I’ll do the test buy as you suggested. :slight_smile:

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It’s been a while…BUT do you have access to the Amazon Brand Registry Portal?

That’s what I used years ago – and I had to be very careful on the last step because I didn’t know there was a drop down menu to report ONLY the other guy…I screwed that up and reported myself and after going round and round with them…finally figured out where I went wrong.

Years ago – like almost 5 for me, I got the other account suspended…


Thanks for another option. I think I have an access to Brand Registry Portal because my brand is registered.

Even after you accidentally reported yourself, Amazon suspended your account?

They deactivated the listing instead of only booting off the other guy.

Then the other guy got suspended and when he submitted a plan of action promising not to sell my branded items, they reinstated him and paid him the funds they held.

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5 years ago is a long time

They have specifics now on whether you’re reporting a listing or a seller now. So there is no possibilities of confusion.

Only report violation once the status of the test buy is delivered otherwise the reply from the violation will be invalid order/test buy.

All the best.


Is it still done through the Brand Registry portal?



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Thank you for the advice. So I have to wait for the test buy product to arrive and take pictures and report a violation through Brand Registry portal, right?




Keep us posted!


Updated. I did the test buy yesterday. Today the hijacker is gone :slight_smile: Thank you everyone for your advice


That is awesome!! Hopefully, that’s the last of them.

Did you file a complaint with Brand Registry or did they just disappear after you placed an order?


Hahaha I doubt it. I’ve dealt with at least a dozen in my FBA career already :slight_smile:

I haven’t filed a complaint yet because the test buy hasn’t arrived. I’m hesitating whether to file a complaint. I’m leaning toward no. It’s a headache to have the problem and I don’t wish it on anyone.

Correct, he withdrew the offer after I did the test buy (almost 3 days after I sent the initial threatening message). Yeah it’s annoying that I had to do a test buy (and will later return) for him to withdraw.


The test buy item arrived a few days ago but the order status still shows “On the way, but running late”. I should wait until it changes to “Delivered” before reporting the violation, right?

I would but you may be able to expedite that by telling customer service that the order was received. Once the status changes take a screenshot of that as well.

When you say “customer service”, do you mean Amazon seller support? Normally the order status changes automatically. This one is just strange.

Sometimes it doesn’t. I’ve had it happened where stuff was delivered and not delivered and the order status never changed.

I mean Prime retail support because you purchased it from a prime retail account unconnected to your seller central seller account (right?)

There is no need to explain to retail customer service why. Just tell them it was delivered and you want the status to be updated to delivered. If it hasn’t happened already. At this point we’re just creating notes for process.

This is just a thought … maybe check the tracking number to verify it is indeed a real tracking number and what the shipper shows for the item. Then when you are trying to get it updated in the Amazon system, you could have a PDF to provide as proof (if needed).