What the heck have they done to the bulk shipping buy and print ???

What the heck have they done to the bulk shipping buy and print ???

So, in the past, I didn’t have to DOWNLOAD the labels to print them. They would come up all on one ‘file’ or web page or whatever it was and I could select to print all labels (and leave off the stupid ‘receipt’ thing – who the heck needs that?) .

NOW, I MUST download the file to print it and each label is a separate file? Who thought this was a good idea?? Who is in charge of this stuff? Have they ever shipping anything in their lives?

Everyone on here says not to do that QZ tray thing, that it makes it worse.

Amazon keeps promoting this Veeqo third party thing to me – has anyone tried that?

Response from Amazon…

Is anyone else annoyed with this new change?

I used to select shipping in bulk, and with one click, I had all my labels.
I now have to download them, unzip and then print each label one at a time, which defeats the bulk shipping process.

I work from my Chromebook, and QZ Tray is not available.

  • In order to make the printing process seamless and effortless for sellers, we identified QZ Tray as the best solution to enhance a seller’s experience.

It certainly has not enhanced my experience; it’s now added more time and complication to what used to be a simple process of printing shipping labels…

Maybe it’s just me, but I am surprised that there are not more sellers complaining about this.

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I downloaded this problematic POS (at least for me) thinking it would shave off some time. I quickly uninstalled it.

I did not have to do this but several times it randomly did not print all the labels in a batch. Then I have to sort thru which ones it missed and then had to go back in the orders to reprint individually.

Using Firefox.

I am going to try something different tomorrow, right now it’s just like printing them one at a time but with extra added steps.

I haven’t seen any posts from sellers complaining about printing labels unless I missed it, so why on earth change the one-click option directing sellers offsite to install from a 3rd party knowing that it’s not compatible and will not support multiple formats, why not just provide QZ as an option?

I am going to try something different tomorrow, right now it’s just like printing them one at a time but with extra added steps.

Sharing my experience as someone who doesn’t print in bulk…

I noticed the ‘no, we want you to do things OUR way…’ prompt appear a few days ago.


I never installed the Print Connect (is that what it was called?) or anything else Amazon suggested I needed. When I buy a label, it pops up in its own box as a PDF to print, which works well enough for me.

When they say ‘print labels directly to your laser printer’ does that simply mean skipping the need to click the “Print” button, so that clicking ‘buy label’ buys the label and prints it? That doesn’t seem like much of a labor savings.


That is how it used to work when printing in bulk; it was quick and easy, but now you have all these ridiculous steps.

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Amazon Print Connect on worked with individual buy shipping and not bulk shipping but when you clicked “buy” it would automatically start printing on the preassigned printer. QZ was supposed to do the same in bulk. For me you still had to select the printer each time, on the buy page, click "buy shipping, and it would start printing without having to go thru download or print dialog box. So for me, basically the only step it cut out was actually having to click the print button in a print dialog box.

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It’s working fine for me, except that when I do that it automatically changes the label size to 8x11.5, so the next time that I print anything in not-bulk, I need to first change the size of the label to 4x6 or else use a label scaled for a regular size paper.
I obviously always forget to switch, so what I usually do is cancel the label and purchase a new one.
Yes, Is have had to cancel the second purchased label because again, I forgot to change the size, which was the whole problem to begin…

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I have ignored the download prompt and am continuing to use Print Connect. I just downloaded Print Connect today, to reinstall it on a computer that had a hard drive replacement.

Google showed me complaints about QZ T; I don’t think I want it, Print Connect works fine for me. I haven’t bought labels in bulk since last Christmas, but never had trouble with that either. I only clicked Buy Shipping once and they all printed.

I wonder if this QZ T is eventually meant to replace Print Connect, or is it just an alternate solution available for formatting issues.

Also, printing to a Zebra LP 2844 that isn’t supposed to work with Print Connect - but it does.

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So I just printed mine and paid closer attention to the steps.

My bulk shipping orders always have them all come up where I double check the weights and method of shipping. When there’s “more than one item” Amazon doesn’t seem to like to add up the two weights. (Even if the weight is listed accurately in the item)…been that way for me since forever.

On the bottom – it has label format saved correctly and I have to pick printer. (that’s new)

Then after I hit buy shipping, BEFORE I would watch it download (to my download folder) and then automatically unzip and I’d have to pick the printer and they all print. I could eliminate that summary page.

NOW I have to pick the printer, buy shipping, it still downloads that zip file, BUT it automatically prints them all to include that last summary label.

I haven’t had to buy a individual lable yet. I know the old way – the size of the information on an individual label was smaller, but the post office never said it wouldn’t scan, so never bothered to figure out the why.

And I tried print connect – and then it would disappear for some reason – so I simply did what I outlined above.

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I’ve never had to do all that. Could it be different for handmade?

The next time I have enough similar items ordered, I will try to buy in bulk to see what happens.

I’ve seen the smaller labels when I save FBA labels as .pdf’s, I haven’t figured out that either.

When I print direct to my label printer the size is not an issue - unless - somehow the label size setting on my printer has changed. Sometimes it does randomly change, might be Windows updates that triggers that, not sure.

Do you use a 4x6 label printer?

It’s not different for handmade.

Yes, I use a Zebra GC420d printer.

And here’s Amazon, once again a day late and dollar short :roll_eyes:


I’ve been seeing the QZ Tray pitch in the Buy Shipping part of order pages for a few days.

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And here it is, in the news article:

We plan to disconnect Print Connect in the future, although timelines for when it will be disconnected are undecided.