Where is Amazon's PDP Rules?



Has your account been notified/ warned in error?

Attribute containing violating contribution: item_name
Content identified as violating PDP Rules:
Cerave Facial Foaming Cleanser 8 Ounce (237ml)

  1. We don’t even sell that item and do not have an active listing
  2. There is NOTHING WRONG with that description.
  3. Manufacturers link:
    Foaming Facial Cleanser for Normal to Oily Skin| CeraVe
  4. What else are you supposed to call it?
  5. This is a FALSE violation and should be removed immediately. Thank you

Amazon loves to hunt for violations and even make them up if they can’t find any.
Then they throw that screen up where you check boxes saying you admit to doing wrong so they have something on you.

These “Listing Violations” is a new thing.

Here’s the 2nd one we got regarding bullet points


October 18, 2023 12:09 PM EDT

Has your account been notified/ warned in error?

What is wrong with these bullet points?

  • Infused With Blackberry And Quinoa Protein,
  • Prevents Breakage And Color-Fade,
  • No Sulfates, Dyes Or Parabens

It’s exactly what bullet points should be

I am always impressed with your willingness to fight over this nonsense. Most of the time I just sigh and move on to the next item.

This is a thing?


I like my Account Health page to show no violations.
I don’t want little things to build & build & then become a problem so I respond as they come up.
And if those 2 are violations I have 1000’s more.

I’m trying to find “Content identified as violating PDP Rules:”


That’s a question for CeraVe, we just sell stuff. :slight_smile:

I would work with changing/removing “infused” and “prevents.” Stupid bot might think those equal drug or pesticide.

Yes, because it is one of the few plant proteins which contain all of the essential amino acids.

It’s all the rage with the vegan, vegetarian, and flexitarian communities, among others - which goes far to explain why its inclusion as an ingredient is extending to more and more industries in recent years, methinks.


So the bullet point they did remove was “Infused With Blackberry And Quinoa Protein”

Attribute containing violating contribution: bullet_point

We removed the violating content above from the listings. Repeat violations of the Product Detail Page policy on a listing may lead to product deactivation

Seems ultra-picky to me - so random

I just made a case - lets see what support says.

We received a performance notification saying we violated some kind of PDP Rule.

Attribute containing violating contribution: item_name
Content identified as violating PDP Rules: Cerave Facial Foaming Cleanser 8 Ounce (237ml)

Where does Amazon publish their PDP rules so sellers can review them.
I search & search & they connot be found.
Please provide a link to the PDP page.

Product detail page rules

Don’t be surprised if this is the page seller help provides. What everyone really needs is a page that contains phrases and words which are not allowed. Your issue is not with the style but with the words with which Amazon has put a limit on / banded or otherwise deems is creating a negative customer experience (a gray area where only Amazon is privilege to the information of what is a negative customer experience).


Wonder if this is a ploy to make sellers use the A.I. to generate listing content?

I have never seen this violation before & now 2 in 2 days.

Doubt that …

New prohibited words / wording has been added into the listing bot to check for.

What is different is that they are popping into Policy Violation Warnings way at the bottom. Not the usual “Listing Policy Violations”

It’s always been a big “0” goose egg until yesterday.
As stated I like to keep my Account Health screen free of any violations…it’s a OCD thing.

I like ROUND numbers :wink:

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You made me look, and I had two violations. I fixed them. Now, let’s see if the words I chose to remove work.

Can we have a place to compile the banned words in this forum?

ETA: The bot is hard at work on my violation listings. It is growing longer by the minute. Is “American-made” not allowed?

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This doesn’t designate the country.
Traditional format would be “Made in USA” (or " Made in #the country’s name# ")


I don’t even know what flexitarian is, or what it means by “protein,” but I am a quinoa fan for sure! It’s like more substantial grits, good hot or cold, alone or dressed. And it makes various medical professionals beam when I mention it (markedly unlike grits :laughing:).

I’m here for it.

But maybe not in my Foaming Facial Cleanser??? :thinking:

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Changed it to “Made in the USA.” That’s still showing as a problem. I have no idea what the issue is. If there is an issue, I’m in trouble, because almost all my listings have the same bullet points. I tried paring one listing down the bare minimum. I mean, I cannot figure out what’s wrong. There’s hardly anything left and it’s still showing out of compliance.

Bot has me up to 7 listings now. I think before long, there will be hundreds on that list. I need to figure out what’s wrong.

All of our listings have “Made in the USA” as a bullet point. That’s either not your issue OR the bot hasn’t got us yet, but just wanted to give you a heads up. I only added that bullet a few weeks ago so it’s not something we have always had.



I removed all the bullet points except one (the dimensions), and the violation went away. I then started adding them back (they are barebones bullet points). I even added “Made in the USA.” So far, it has not triggered the bot again.

Typically … 5 bullets …
Use process of elimination on one item (if all items use similar bullets)
Keep 4 bullets - remove one and save to see if it corrects.
If it doesn’t, add that bullet back in and remove a different one and save to see if it corrects.
Repeat process until you find the problem bullet.
Once you find the problem bullet, remove that one from all listings using it (starting with the problem 7).

After you have the bullet isolated, then you can try to figure out what the trigger is.


I stripped everything down to one bullet point. I made them all just list the dimensions. Two of them were removed from the listing violation. I’m down to 5.

I don’t get it. If they all have the same bullet point, why were only two reinstated?

I figured it out. The loss of bullet points was just punishment. It was the titles that was the problem. Can’t have all caps. I sort of need all caps for a few words so that the title within the title stands out. Oh, well.