wow they unleashed a beast this weekend.

Don’t even need to bring up the whole INFORM act bs

Got 6 Restricted product removals.
First aid kits that do not have hand sanitizer flagged for being hand sanitizer
Stop the bleed kits flagged for having lidocaine (that don’t have any medications only tourniquet and bandages)

They literally killed 2 of our best selling items,

I see on my offer pages now they have “Local Business”…So if anyone lives close enough to me with a little research they can figure out where I do biz. Just what I want out there…amazin gone has pulled another ■■■■■…and I am getting all sorts of Suspected Intellectual Property Violations to make my day a little more pleasant…thank you again amazon…

The hand sanitizer & lidocaine bots suck.

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Problem is none of the items contain hand sanitizer or lidocaine.
they actually withdrew one complaint after I submitted the appeal for the lidocaine.

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The absurdity continues… 5 more today

Dental Floss is now a prescription drug.


When they do this, does the item_type (category node) change for the item?

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In the Listing Quality Dashboard it shows Product Type: Dental Floss still.

It’s a dog page so I’ll need to see if anything changes when it’s back up

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Does it still show on the Manage Inventory Edit page or is it removed from there?

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It’s there I can edit it still it’s just down for a violation review. I’ve been able to get every one back up. It’s just unnecessary work. It’s clear the BOT that “Identifies” items as XXXXX is just really poorly programmed.


I have rubber timing belts pulled for being fire arms.
I have pressure relief valves pulled as adult items.
I have a thermal fuse pulled for being a medical device.
I have… a lot more of these.

6 More today.
Minoxidil & Hand Sanitizer bots

I wish I could figure out what is in common between all the items being flagged as hand sanitizer, but it’s just so random From stick deodorants, to Icy hot patches to hair conditioner, etc.

Lets see if it takes more than 1 response to clear this one.

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More mentions:

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Now the typical comedy.

2 of the first aid kits were recognized as ok, one I got the same form letter.

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I’ve been having products show as the wrong product type in LQD, and when I go to open a case to change it, it tells me it is already classified as that.

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I sell FABRIC doilies – and many titles say FABRIC … so they land in the FABRIC category…but it’s Material. So I have changed the word to Material to keep them in placemats.

I’m ready to spit…

Can’t even get to creating variations.

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Sounds about right. I mean c’mon, you can’t make this stuff up! :man_facepalming:


Gets better, receive a Notification of removal of restricted products, appeal. Get an answer that there are no restrictions on the listing.

I wonder if It has anything to do with the walk out and strikes planned? Maybe IT is purposely writing bad code to harm Amazon.

More HAND SANITIZER nonsense

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May I ask if there’s any indication on your end that the poorly-targeted Amabot has been tweaked to prevent nonsensical false-flagging?

We don’t participate in this marketspace, but I do have access to a variety of Amazon B.R. 2.0/Ad Console tools that might help me ferret out some of the broad parameters of what’s triggering this illogical & troubling situation (given first: that Troy_Amazon, in the NSFE thread which you’ve linked, is correct in stating that this is likely to be keyword-driven).