Amazon Handmade: It’s Coupon Party time! ...or is it?

From today’s October 25 email to Handmade:

Coupon Party
We will be hosting our next coupon party from November 1st– November 22nd (11:59pm PST). We encourage you to consider placing coupons on your ASIN(s) during this time to potentially get placed on the Coupon Party landing page. This is a great opportunity to run coupons on products that might have underperformed on Prime Big Deal Days, getting you back to healthy inventory levels while continuing to offer a great value to customers.

During this event, we will highlight selling partners and their coupon deals on our homepage and Coupons page.

Re: “potentially get placed on the Coupon Party landing page.”

In order to be placed on that page, do we have to have a gazillion sales (aka Alibaba faux-sterling nose rings, with a whopping 5% discount)?

Last time I participated in a coupon event, with up to 40% off items with no sales history, I wasn’t visible at all.

I realize that no one here may have the answer, and Amazon may choose vague non-answers if asked. I’m just wondering if this is worth my time.


I asked in the forums if they were going to be advertising it this time. :rofl:

Also I think if I recall right, didn’t we discover it’s better to just do a bunch of coupons so you can take over the whole page? I think there wasn’t a limit to how many coupons you can make.


I’ll go with Yes.



The last time we had a coupon event, I created 50 coupons, ranging from 20-40% off. Not a single one displayed on the coupon page. I wasted ~3 hours of my life curating coupons that no one ever saw.

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For last Coupon Party, in Handmade section, for Jewelry items, only 50% off coupons were showing there. Couple of the other categories were showing some coupon as low as 20%. I remember seeing a couple of Modern Switch’s coupons that was 30% off (?).

So if you really want to just give away your items, make the coupon 50% off or more, maybe they’ll show up on the Coupon page.

Last time I set up a few items with $2 - $3 off or 10% off coupons just for the duration of the Party, none of them showed up on Coupon page. I only got 1 click which was redeemed, nothing else.

Not going to do it again for this coming party, just going to have my regular coupons I usually have going on.


I haven’t done coupons in over a year, due to little or no success with them. I dunno, maybe I’ll do some at 25% off if I get bored enough.

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Same experience here.


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Thanks for sharing this email!


I had a “whatever moment”, and put 10% of my active items (142 ASINs) at 25% off for the party. I have zero expectations.


Even if your coupon doesn’t show on the coupon page, I do think they affect your placement in searches, and buyers will see it on their search page. So, people who want to buy your stuff will see it.

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I hope so. It’s like the 30-year-old kid living in his parents’ basement — you love him, but it’s past time for him to find a new home.


Well, the party has started, and it ain’t much of a party.

Nothing on the Handmade landing page. Nothing.

If someone can actually figure out where (all) coupons are, and THEN figure out how to get to Handmade coupons:

  1. I’ve been here since 2016, fairly Amazon-savvy, and it took me 5 full minutes to find the Handmade coupons. Is the average customer even going to bother?
  2. In my category (jewelry) coupons shown were 30% off and higher. Mine are all 25%. Which means I’m invisible. As always. As expected.

So far, 1 coupon clipped and 0 redeemed. Not holding my breath for anything more.

To save time for those of you who want to promote your sale on social media, go to shop name
and scroll the left-side menu for Deals and Discounts.

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Well I searched “Amazon Handmade coupon party” and found this from @ASV_Vites

…and this…

ETA: When I go directly to Handmade and click this, most of the options seem to have coupons–but not all.

Someone needs to ask on the NSFE where is this mythical “Coupon Party landing page” for Handmade. @ModernSwitch???

@meredithbead, may I move this to the public space? It might generate some visibility but also draw some public attention to Amazon’s sorry handling of “promoting” this in exchange for added discounts.

ETA2: Never mind all, I found this NSFE topic, and the link I found above is the “landing page” :woman_facepalming:


yeah, no problem :wink:


All, I have moved this topic to a public space and updated the title. :wink:


From the coupon party event page link it looks like the only Handmade coupons that showed up were 50 percent off ones. I was able to find my coupon under handmade in a different area.

So that’s kind of a drag. If they would have said 50 percent off I would have maybe jumped at it for my old old listings just to get them gone.

I had done 20 percent off because that’s my normal budget for a sale (I caved this time and did 25 percent for Etsy since that’s what they want :unamused: and am finally getting sales there compared to last time at 20 :grimacing:).

Sales are same for Amazon which makes me wonder if I was going to just sell the item anyway and they saw I had a coupon. I sold one today and one yesterday.

The hoops I jump thru to get sales. I hate doing it but economy/recession/selling wants vs needs and so yeah.

Also I was right about how it’s better to set up more coupons with less items to dominate the page.

We made a concerted effort to get involved with this when they did it on the reg marketplace. Did nothing to increase sales. Amazon did happily take 60 cents per redemption though on top of all the other fees.


Also, I am feeling salty so this is what I responded to the “Coupon Party” post with, also once again bringing up how they have a huge social media following that they do nothing with.

I honestly wish you would have said we needed to do 50% off if we wanted to be featured. Rather than do my whole shop at 20% off, I would have rather just done 50% off and get rid of some of my old clearance discontinued inventory.

Also maybe it should be limited to showing only one coupon per seller?
Stupid me did 2 coupons with 200 items when I clearly should have done 200 coupons with 2 items each so that I could dominate the coupon page.

Also I still have not seen you guys post on Instagram or Facebook social media pages. There are 600,000+ followers on Handmade’s Instagram and 1,700,000 followers on Handmade’s Facebook page…don’t you think some of those people might be interested in handmade items being on sale??? Such a missed promotional opportunity.

There is also absolutely nothing mentioned on about the coupon party.