🇨🇦 Happy (belated) Canada Day!

From all of us at SAS, Happy Canada Day to our Canadian members and friends, with apologies for being late.

My family and I were accidentally in Canada for Canada 150 in 2017–and it was a blast! We started with Moving Day in Montreal, partied with Bono and Trudeau and fireworks in Niagara Falls, and then finally bedded down in Erie PA around 3am. :woozy_face:

Still a favorite coffee cup, in daily use


Thanks for that. Right back at you for a Happy Fourth!


That must have been a wonderful experience!!


I’m very keen to visit Canada, one of the many places on my bucket list to explore.


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I’ve visited Montreal, Toronto, and CA’s Niagara Falls. Would do again at any opportunity, 100% recommend!

I’d also like to visit Prince Edward Island (#AnneOfGreenGables) and Vancouver.

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You make me want to pack my bags.

My Dad traveled all over the world and always raved about Canada being one of his most favorable trips.

I’m a big lover of nature, breathtaking scenery, and great architecture.


Canada is on our short list for places to visit. We hope to get there in 2024. My son loves our northern neighbor, and we know we will, too. Happy Canada Day!


As a Canadian who’s lived in the US for many years, I love this thread, thank you! If you get a chance, these are a few other areas you may want to check out - Quebec City, in my opinion the most European city in North America; Ottawa, the nation’s capital (my hometown and where my entire family lives) and if you get to Vancouver try to hop over to Victoria on Vancouver Island - but only in the summer. I lived on the ocean there for 4 years, spectacular scenery, mild temps (for Canada) but the endless grey and foggy days were too much (especially after having lived in Florida) so we headed back south of the border.
Happy 4th!! :tada::confetti_ball:


Not suggesting this is of any interest to anyone but me! :slightly_smiling_face:


Loved my visits to Canada, climbing Mount Royal and exploring the new tunnels beneath the skyscrapers on 2 family visits to Expo '67 and staying at the Sheraton Mount Royal, my first exposure to a Grand Hotel.

Winnipeg was also a good time, visiting with my sister the prof at one of her academic conferences. We stayed in a lovely hotel whose name I can’t remember, not far from a disused train station designed by Warren and Wetmore, renowned New York architects.

Vancouver was quite impressive back in 1987. We stayed at a hotel on a pier in the harbour, with great views, and amazing uses of birdseye-maple panelling. Amazing Chinese food, back before the newer Chinese arrivals, and excellent museums at the U of BC with indigenous artwork and totem poles.

Our visit to Vancouver Island (?) was also amazing.


Vancouver Island is also known to those of us here as “Paradise.” :grinning:


YES! We had a whole delightful day there! Kiddos were 3, 5, and 11. Frederick Law Olmstead also designed the grounds at Biltmore Estate, where I have visited frequently since I was a child, so it felt very familiar, in the best way. Really enjoyed the little welcome center at the bottom and the shops in the expansive hall up top.


Not sure why. We rode on a ferry and had a nice tea in a heavy Victorian hotel. It rained the whole time, which it did not in Vancouver, which would be my most favoured place to settle in Canada, should I ever be given a choice.


Visiting Winnipeg was the first time I was exposed to plug-in car parking spaces. Ordinary car parks had plugs for every space, and some sloppy car owners let their plugs hang out of their car engine’s hoods when it was not the season to do so.

Since the US is moving toward electric cars this sort of slopiness may happen again.


Vancouver, yuk. We are obviously cut from much different cloth :heart_eyes:

Not a big city person. I had to be there for three days a couple years ago. Took my body two days to unclench.

I am a city person, but having grown up in a small town in New York’s Hudson Valley, I understand.

I am much happier with concrete under my feet, and living in a 600+ unit apartment building with over 50 in help in Manhattan.

We used to stay in a friend’s country house in upstate New York. The thought of all of those ground-floor windows with no doorman was terrifying.


I apologize in advance for hijacking this thread w/ a more or less unrelated question, but I’m looking for feed back from you, our friend @DDS, and/or any of the other SAS members who are Canada-based about a statement I read yesterday in the still-trending 071723 NSFE discussion “Free stuff for everyone!” (link):

Link to NSFE Post

This is the first I’m hearing of an apparent requirement to allow a Third Party Contractor to make a physical pickup of an Amazon Return; I inquired w/ my family members in Brantford and none of them knew anything about it either (although it must be admitted that none of them return much, as they’re like their American kin in being pretty savvy on what not to purchase from the Amazon Global Catalog).

May I ask if anyone can shed light on this paradigm?

Same here. We live in Mississauga, near Toronto, in GTA (Greater Toronto Area), a big city basically. We had to return an FBA item about two weeks ago and had three options: UPS, Canada Post, and Purolator, if I remember correctly. Canada Post was the closest. We just printed the label with instructions and that was it.

My only guess is that maybe the person who mentioned the third-party contractor lives in rural Canada… I wonder what @booknut7 will have to say.

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That was also my first guess as well; in the OSFE I would also have posed the question to folks who have mentioned living in more-rural reaches, like @crosseyedsally, but of course the NSFE put paid to that…

News to me. I’ve only returned one item in several years, and it was easy peasy. Print off the Canada Post label and drop in the box conveniently located across the street from me.

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I’ve done the same thing! We took the ferry from Seattle to the Fairmont Empress Tea Room just across the border. It was a wonderful day trip! And yes, it rained continuously.

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