🆕️ MakerPlace: Sales and promotions

I wonder if it’s because yours is active? Maybe you can’t edit an active sale?


So yours were not active? That make sense now.

There is no way to Edit an Active sales. I believe that’s mentioned in one of their emails, but the ability to do edit is coming.

  1. I can’t find it now, possibly because the sale has been cancelled.
  2. When I refreshed the page, the changes disappeared.

… and 12 hours after I cancelled the sale, all 135 missing items repopulated themselves :face_with_spiral_eyes: — and no, I can’t go back.


Just noticed another thing that doesn’t work well on MP. I had a coupon that was finished last night, this morning when I did a search of the items in the coupon, the search result still showing the 10% off discount, but the product page doesn’t show the discount anymore.

So the search result page is not quite connected with promotion set up.That just asking to irritate buyers. I’m goin to keep an eye on this issue to see how long it took for the search page to get updated.


In regards to Michael’s wanting sellers to join their sale with a 25-40% discount, in reality (especially now with no subscription fee on professional accounts), a 25% sale is about equivalent to a 15% sale or coupon on Amazon, before you account for FBA or coupon fees


I’m in the basic plan, no monthly fee, but paying about 8% fee(not counting the postage I pay for shipping) for each sales, which is 7% less than Amazon’s 15% referral fee.

Sales are so slow (none on MP), I decided to do the whole shop 25% off sale, added few more items to MP, setted up the coupon for 7/11 - 7/18, we’ll see if the sales event will bring any sales. I kind of have some doubts, so try not set much expectation on it.


I set up a sale to run July 4 - 18, 25% off on 22% of my shop. Unfortunately, the sale doesn’t show on 55 out of 250 variations. I wrote seller support, who are “looking into it.” We’ll see.


I still don’t have products showing in my sale. I’ve filled out a support request and this was the response I got:

Thank you for your response. The tech team sent an update that there’s an on-going limitation issue wherein if the items on sale exceeded 5000 items (which includes the number of variants) it wouldn’t show up on sale. Rest assured that our tech team is working on resolving this issue. Once the team has sent an update, I’ll let you know.

I didn’t bother writing back that I only have 300 items. I’ve found support to be mostly useless, after 3 months of not being able to access all listings in my shop search they finally fixed the bug.

So we shall see if I am going to have a sale lol.


When I did a search of ModernSwitch on MP, it brought up about 40 listings, only half were your items, but they do all have 25% off sale showing.

Also, when I looked at your shop, it does seem to showing 25% off on most things on the pages I looked. I didn’t cilck though all 40 some pages though.

So maybe they fix your problem?


Holy ■■■■, They did not fix the problem…because I shouldn’t ever be running a sale right now!

Finance wise I’m fine, but holy ■■■■ this platform is SO DAMN BUGGY!

Here is my screen shot of my “sales dashboard”. The original “July 4th” sale is the one that was supposed to be scheduled for the old dates of 7/8 thru whatever it is was. So updating the dates, and then even canceling the sale…it still ended up running OMG!

If you go in my shop the first page is all new listings I listed since setting up the original sales, so they are not apart of the sale (Even though you would think they should if I selected "All Products), but if you go to page 2 of my shop you start seeing the sale items)


7/11- 7/18 Sales event has started. Looking at MP main page, it’s again only very limited number of item/shop are showing on the different carousels. For the section of Jewelry, there are 17 items from 7 shops listed. I set up a whole shop of 25% off sale, and of course was not showing on the main sales page.

So at first I thought that was MP just picking a few sellers to showcase like previous sale. Then I realized I added a brand new item yesterday (late at night, was not thinking too clearly), and that item is not included in the whole shop sale I set up a week ago. So technically my 25% off is not for the whole shop (whole shop minus one item). I also noticed there are a couple other sellers seems to be in the similar situation.

So does this mean MP will only showcase shops that has EVERYTHING marked at least 25% off, otherwise you are out of luck for some promotion?

Since my original “sale” was not doing me any good at getting promoted, I just canceled it early this morning and set up another one that does including everything with 25% off.

I’m not sure whether we have to set up the sale before 7/11 in order to be showcases/promoted, but don’t think setting up the new sale is going to do anything worst than the ignored original one. The new sale is active now, and still not seeing my items on sales pages, but knowing how slow things updated on MP, I figured if anything do somehow show up, it probably won’t happened until tomorrow. We’ll see what happens.


I tried creating a new sale to include the items I listed since I created the old sale so my whole shop can be on sale and I get the error now “product list cannot be empty”

This platform is so bugged. Support is garbage just absolute garbage. I’ve been back and forth with seller support about the sale issues I’m having and every time they are like “there is bugs if you have over 5000 listings” and I’m like no I don’t have 5000 listings I have 480” and they just counter with “ are you sure because items with variations count as more”.

As far as I can tell you can’t even find items on sale unless they were ones they chose to feature. There doesn’t seem to be a “see all” anywhere I could find.

Im pretty close to just closing up shop because the headaches are not worth the few sales I have gotten.


Since my original sale was already active, my only choice was to cancel it. then set up another whole shop all items sale for an hour later. As far as I can tell, that worked, the new sale became active on time (6:30 AM this morning), still hasn’t seen any of my things on the Sales page, but hoping maybe when the site updates during the night, maybe that can change.

That’s true.

But one thing I did notice was on the " Save Big While Supporting Small Handmade Businesses" section of the “Sales” page, there are more shops listed there than it was this morning, seems like shops are being added to that section as the time goes on. The “Jewelry” section also have couple new items/shops added since this morning. Will keep checking the Sales page to see what happens.


Before today’s sale I would normally get 4-6 orders daily. Today nothing. My sale price, strike-thru and percentage off does not show up at the search level, only on the detail page (if anyone were to look there). I messaged support. Some sellers are apparently having the same issue. So much for their big first sale.


I created a 25% off sale for July 4-18. Out of 250 items/variations (25% of my shop), 55 didn’t show up in the sale at all.

Made a 2nd sale yesterday for those 55 missing, and as of this morning, all items were on sale. So far, I sold one discount item last week, and that was it.

Looking at the MakerPlace sale page, I notice that a bunch of the featured “customer favorites” were only 20% off. In several carousels, the same sellers are shown multiple times. It would’ve been nice to spread the joy a little more.

That one sale page is the only sale page I see, showcasing only a teeny tiny percentage of the artists participating. For all the big hoohah Michael’s made about the sale, they totally blew it by ignoring 99.99% of the items we put on sale. There should have been a master sales page with links to various categories where customers could see ALL the sale items. This really was a missed opportunity.


My sale price, strike-thru and percentage off does show up at the search level, but that doesn’t do any good unless somebody happen to do the search.

Really disappointed with Michaels just promoting a handful of items/store on their Sale page, especially since I did set up a whole storewide 25% off sale according to their requirement. :unamused:

Just emailed them to complain about that, but don’t really think it’s going to do much good.

In addition, the Stats seems to be glitching again, my last date is 7/9, so I can’t even tell whether more people are viewing or not.


Here’s the answer I got from support on this

Hi Wade,

Thank you for the follow-up! Yes, there is a limitation of 5000 catalogs per promotion. Each variants counts as 1 and if you will put up a sale that exceeds the limit, what I could suggest is to create multiple promotions to cover all of your products.

So my sale is not going to be upfront or promoted because it has over 5000 with the variations.


Now support seems to indicate a different story from their original announcement which I read to mean need to be storewide and at least 25%. Here is their reply to me

Hi Wade,

Thank you for the response and I do apologize for the misunderstanding. One of the sale criteria is to offer at least 20% off specific items or all items in your store. More information about the sale event can be found here. However, you may still have all your products on sale by creating multiple promotions. The 5000 catalog limitation is set per promotion but you can have multiple promotions active at the same time.


I’m really not surprised with that. They seems to make change all the time, without letting the sellers know. The dates, the %, the whole storewide or not, what else next?

The only thing that didn’t seems to change was their editors only choose a very limited number of stores to promote. Seems like they were just pick couple stores then call a day.

When I first read their email about their editors will be scouring the site for deals, I had a feeling they are going to pick and choose some sales, but no everyone, to be showcased. But since they also set the “25% up and storewide” requirement, I was hoping they’d promote every store that met that requirement. How silly was I to think so.


I emailed them this morning to complain the limited number of stores getting promoted, but also ask them to add more stores to each carousels, suggesting that instead of 18 items from 8 stores (in jewelry, for example) why not 18 items from 18 different stores. I also asked them to add “See all” link to other sale item to each carousel. I mean those suggestions to be implemented for the remainder of this sale event, here is the reply, and it sure sound like that’s not going to happen for this time:
"Thank you for reaching out to us to raise your feedback. We will share this feedback about promoting sellers/store on the ‘Shop the Sale’ page and the ‘See All’ on the carousel from this first all- seller sales event with the team. We appreciate your feedback, and we’ll use this to continue improving the platform.

We’re still a work in progress, and feedback from sellers like you is crucial to our growth. After all, there is no better hand to guide us than you and other sellers. "

Well, I’m sure similar complain and suggestions were made after last sales event with even less stores that were promoted, so if they didn’t change much this time, I’m very much doubt they going to make change to what we want in the future.