'Other' amount on payment statement

We have an ‘other’ amount on a payment statement that does not exist in the transactions for the statement. I have been through every transaction - this ‘other’ amount is not there. Any ideas on how I can figure out where this came from? I can’t reconcile the payment since it doesn’t match.

You are not the only one. See this thread from December:

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Thanks for the link! That’s similar, but not quite what I’m seeing. The amount appears nowhere in the transaction list for the payment report, not even as an ‘other’ item. The payment statement lists it as ‘other’, but it’s not listed in the transactions.

This has happen before. If we remember correctly, it had to do with shipping where there was an adjustment. We had it happen once where Amazon Buy Shipping was charging $7.60 for USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope. When Amazon set up their system, they failed to realize this USPS special rate did not apply to destinations outside of the continental 48 states which meant that Hawaii and Alaska were not included in that price. Those two states were to remain at $8.05. This made us have an “other” charge with no explanation.

Here is the post we created on it in August of 2023

Other Charge with no Explaination

Eventually, we got a Mod to look into it on NSFE and the response came back to us in a case created by the Mod. Since this was an Amazon faulted error, we were suppose to get the charge returned to us. That never happened.

Some how Amazon received a charge from one of your shippers about one or more of your shipments where there was a price difference. If you are not talking a lot of money (ours was only $1.35), it is probably not worth your time to dig into it further.

Thanks! We actually received money from Amazon in this case, rather than paid them. It is only $3.18, but my accounting brain can’t move on… :upside_down_face:

Few more details (that I probably should have thought to add from the beginning)

  • We are fully FBM.
  • We don’t use Buy Shipping.
  • We do (of course) have to pay for return shipping labels.
  • We had a number of shipping adjustments in our favor on this payment, and all were noted in the transactions. I don’t know why we got them, as there is no explanation, but they are at least listed. Those are all the same amount of $2.59 though.

I opened a case, I’m sure it will go nowhere, but it’s going to stick in my brain forever if I don’t figure it out…

We are fully FBA and have lots of these “OTHER” mysteries. Gave up trying to totally figure it out.

There have been lots of interpretations over the years on various fora and I believe Amazon spells it out in some document. It’s just one of the mysteries of life. Let us know if you figure it out. We can add your solution to the rolodex of reasons for “Other”

I don’t recall what our accountant does with them but they are minimal amounts.