I think…I think…I really think (I know scary), I think I figured out how to do variations on Amazon.

I finallt got the green “success” light on one pattern.

Here it is:


I am not “completely” happy…On Etsy, Walmart, and Ebay, I have the runner picture as my primary picture. THEN the pictures change over to match the actual size. (I may have figured this one out)

AND the Parent’s title is not “dominating” – not sure why? It should be more generic until you click on a size right?

AND the browse tree that I can see is “placemats” for everything – when some are runners or tablecloths. Gotta figure out why the square isn’t showing up.

Off to work on creating all the parents.

And by using a spreadsheet, I was able to control the name of the parent – like for this one, the parent is called … wait for it…GREENCANDLE!

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AND the browse tree that I can see is “placemats” for everything – when some are runners or tablecloths. Gotta figure out why the square isn’t showing up.

You may be coming at this from a different perspective than Amazon. It seems like you’re trying to make the types of products (doily, placemat, runner) the children, under a parent that represents the fabric design, whereas Amazon is set up to do it the opposite. Their system is set up so the product type is the parent, and the different fabric options (ie green candle) are the children.

For instance you’d have a parent for ‘doily’ with all the different fabric designs listed as color variations.

Then you’d have a separate listing for runners - again, with the different fabrics the runner can be made in, as the variations.

Since each family would represent one specific product type, it would belong in a single category and you wouldn’t have the issues with the browse path that you are.

If you really want to group all the different products together as families representing the fabric design, you’d want to call it something more generic - like a handmade lace fabric decorative ‘table covering’. That way, a doily, or a runner, or a tablecloth would all fit, as they are all some type of table covering.

If you did it that way, the children’s names would be more descriptive than simply the size. Consider something like this -

Title: Handmade holiday lace fabric table covering with green candle design.

Child 1: 13 x 13 Doily
Child 2: 16 x 16 Doily
Child 3: 18 x 12 Placemat
Child 4: 55 x 16 Table Runner

You could even display all your products in a single listing, by adding a variation (color) for the fabric design.

It could look something like this, where your fabrics would replace the rug colors, and your product types would replace the sizes.

This particular listing uses the sizename-colorname theme.

You’d want to use 13x13 Doily, 18x12 Placemat, 55x16 Runner where they use 2x6 Feet, 4x6 Feet, 5x8 Feet, and your fabric design names, Green Candle where they list the rug colors.


gotta digest that…

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We use sizename-colorname in nearly all our product variations. Willing to help if you need a hand.


Do you make these yourself?

I watch the video under Square Doily - Pink Rose and Sage Green, such skill!! Impressive.


some… The ones in handmade are totally handmade, I buy lace, I buy fabric, I sew.

The ones in the markeplace are a mix. The main thing I can offer is custom sizes beyond what the factory does. You need 120"? In this pattern? I can sew it up.

I get a lot of requests like that through Etsy more than Amazon. So I’m hoping people get more of a clue with the short videos.

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Screenshot 2023-07-23 194706

@QuestMark help please?


This answer doesn’t seem to be working for me.

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