Just an FYI on all the account verifications and why

If you haven’t been through it within say the last year or so, I would expect to.

I got hit with it myself and just found out today. Who knows when exactly, as I thought I was past it. I once had a message/banner in Account Health but it disappeared.

While checking my listings I found none were showing up. After running an ASIN though it gave me the message about re-verification.


Anyway … started going through it and remembered that some of the fields had NO DATA when last I looked, and noticed. (DOB, and such)

Since my account is old and I’ve never added data to the newer fields I guess they figured to force my hand. LOL

Would be so bad, but I have only estatements from my bank.




I too am in account reverification status.


And sadly I get eStatements on most everything, so I have no Bank Account or Credit Card statements available at the moment … :frowning:


My e-statements look just like b&w statements when I print them.

I too am in reverification but I have decided not to submit unless there is something I want to do and can’t.


That was how I was … until I noticed my listings not showing up on the page.

B&W statements have had issues int he past. Most companies use color.

Hopefully no issues for you when you decide.

Ughhhhhhh I have enough to do, I don’t need this. I wasn’t even working at this company when our Amazon account was created, and the people who were are about as helpful as waterfowl with a head injury.

We also have only estatements.

I’ve seen estatements work before, so not all hope it lost. And just maybe Amazon has tweaked the software to allow more for them.

I would print them out, fold as if mailed (shhhh …yeah often that helps) cell pic and submit.

If denied I’d get mailed copy.


I’m going to guess they won’t look as hard at aged accounts, but this is amazon.


I can print my statements in color no problem. Are they asking for pdf or jpegs? Again no problem. Just curious. Like @Pepper_Thine_Angus says, surely they are not looking at aged accounts with such scrutiny.


given that they’ve made some Handmade sellers prove more than once that they are in fact Handmade. It’s not scrutiny, it’s programmed stupidity.


Do you mean on the detail page? Is the status ‘suppressed’ in your inventory?

Just wondering what to watch for, not caught yet.

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Nothing suppressed. I only noticed by accident that they weren’t on the detail pages.

On my call I let them know that I had nothing showing the verification.

Full disclosure - I did see something in Account Health a long while back. I ignored it and it went away. I though all was good.

Looking back, I did get an email last week. Nothing in Seller Central and so I ignored it as typical Amazon.

In the end I, of all people, shouldn’t have ignored it and looked further. It turns out that with my Account Info section was a banner. WTH?

I did give my feedback on that to the well spoken AHT member who called me.

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I received this last week but ignored it as spam. Mainly because of the live link and the header information. Also, nothing in Seller Central. So, I hope this isn’t the one you’re talking about!


We are unable to verify some of the information you provided in your seller account. To avoid any loss of access to Seller Central, we recommend taking the following steps immediately.

What actions do I need to take?
Send us a [confirmation email] by replying to this message. In your email, please include the last 4 digits of the primary phone number associated with your account.

What happens next?
You will receive a separate email with the actions required to fix this issue.

What happens if I do not send the requested information?
If we do not receive the requested information, we may cancel your listings and hold any funds in your account. Depending on your account status and activities, you may be required to complete an additional review before funds can be released. A message will be sent to your Performance Notifications page in Seller Central to appeal this decision.

To talk to someone about this email, you can ask our Seller Support team to contact you.

We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to receiving your response.

Seller Performance Team

That’s pretty ignorant, put it on a page we rarely visit! More programming decisions by non-users.

I will try to remember to check that page periodically.


That would no doubt be it … although mine was worded differently and possibly a next step email. (?)



But I have always thought/been told that Amazon (or any legitimate entity) would never include a live “response” link in a valid email.

Has that changed?

Here’s the header info, which didn’t look legit to me, although I know Amazon can have some weird-looking ones (spaces added):

From: [email protected]. com

Reply To: seller-performance@f2b3en-amazon. com

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Yours sure looks like fishing … because of the space before “com” (unless you added that, and then only the reply email look seems odd because of the “2b3en-amazon”) … but I don’t see a link in yours either so that would surprise me if it was phishing.

I know mine does, and yes sometimes I see live links in Amazon emails relating to Account Health.

Yeah, I only recently found it as I never (almost) need to go there.

The only thing they might be referring to (if legit) is that my emergency contact number is missing (and shall remain so).

Yes, I added those spaces.

Send us a [confirmation email] by replying to this message

[confirmation email] was a live link, but I took that info out as well. I keep forgetting we’re not on the OSFE where someone might accidentally click on a suspicious link.

Good to know!



Here’s just one example from a “Notification of Restricted Products Removal” notice.

    During a review, this product was identified as one that violates our content guidelines for books. As a result, we have removed this book from our stores. For more details about Amazon’s content guidelines for books, visit: Content Guidelines for Books - Amazon Customer Service
    Why is this happening?

Just be wary.

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