👋 WELCOME to SAS! Introductions here...

:wave: Hello and welcome to new SellersAskSellers.com community members making their ways to us this week!

SAS is still a work in progress, but we are ready enough to get to the good work of helping each other with our online retail wins and woes. Come on in, introduce yourself here, and then poke around a bit.

:warning: For the new members, SAS looks and operates mostly like the old Amazon seller forums (OSFE), with some updates and new features. Your account will have somewhat limited access and privileges at the very beginning but not for too long.

Posting your intro here and completing your Profile are great ways to get started! :grin:

After that, I recommend reading here:

…and here:

And then exploring all the Categories.

:sunglasses: Thanks so much for joining in, and please feel free to ask any questions you have, now or later–

SAS staff @Tallytony @Pepper_Thine_Angus @VTR


You know me from the OSFE as papyrophilia, but papy is definitely easier! :sweat_smile:

I’m excited to be a part of getting us a seller-friendly community here for real help.


TallyTony here!
Same name as in the OSFE, though I did close as ineptitude_won_nsfe

Thank you Papy and @Pepper_Thine_Angus for setting this up. And extended thanks to the very many other members that helped set this up!

When we started it we want to accomplish three things

  1. keep the contacts and friendships, maintaining the privacy and the familiarity that we members were used to have.
  2. safeguard the knowledge base that we as sellers had, and so often shared.
  3. having a place to reach out for help whenever needed.

I’m really happy that we have taken the next step, and are now able to expand beyond the initial group.


Welcome members!!
I hope to see many familiar sellers from the OSF, and new members coming together.
A shout-out to everyone that helped make this community a reality and who created a forum that is user-friendly and similar in design and functionality to the forum that we all enjoyed participating in.

We are here to help, so let’s get the word out that SellersAskSellers.com is up and running.


Hi All. I was Tom_NJ on the OSFE. I then had changed my name to NSFE for the past 3 months. I hope to interact with all the old folks again. Especially @ASV_Vites :slight_smile: :grinning:


Hey Tom! We meet again… LOL

Welcome. Isn’t this a lot better than that other place?


Oh fk yeah! I was soooo lost in the new forum. What a cluster fk it is. Best part is, there are so many newbies asking questions and no one answers them. I think amazon didnt think this through fully or they did and this is what they wanted in the end? Who knows. All I know is that is alot more comfortable here!



Oh, while I have you, how do I get that “cool” verified label next to my name?

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It’s this :arrow_up: - :100:

Thankfully we have a great group of folks that created this and saved us. We now have a great place to chat and get problems solved.

Nobody is watching - no disrupters. It’s fantastic and it will grow in leaps and bounds in time.


For sure. Not sure who created it, but all I can say is THANK YOU!
The saying “you dont know what you have until its gone” is so true. So glad to be back with the “old folks” :wink:


Stay tuned… :smirk:


Hello SAS newbies! I’m Meredithbead. On the old forums, I posted mostly in Handmade but ventured into the commercial side a few times to ask questions.


I still post some on the NSFE (since I was tricked into the beta there is no way for me to protect my Identity on the Official forum and I had been using the default name on the forum anyway) but it is so painful to use that I don’t really spend much time there.


Welcome @Tom and anyone else new to SAS.

I was @ShoePeople on the OSFE as well. And I will also add my thanks to the @moderators for setting this up and keeping things civil!


Oneida here. The same Oneida (Oneida Books) from the OSFE and NSFE.

I’m still posting some on the NSFE. I hate what Amazon has made it, but I’m hoping I can have at least a little influence in a few things that affect everyone there.

About me:

  1. I’m very knowledgeable in helping in all sorts of “violation” areas or verification on Amazon and have personally successfully worked over 200 reinstated cases while still running my own business. I was part of a group who helped with the current Account Health Dashboard.

  2. I’ve created probably a couple hundred “Variation Relationships” for myself and many other sellers over the years. I’ve used both Product Templates as well as XML file uploads.

  3. Although it’s coming to an end, I posted a lot about the MWS APIs (before they did away with the category in the NSFE) and had several self made apps using Filemaker to interact. I’ll add that I initially started with the AWS API way back (using it to get product data) and was the 2nd ranked poster. Now I need to get into the SP APIs.

  4. I don’t mind questions or requests to me personally



:wave: In addition to @Tom please welcome @OC_Rare_Coin @Chimanimani @dwat0870 and @TroutBurger!


Glad to see more people here.
The snack bar is open.